I’d like to apply myself.

You’re probably surprised by my tone, but that’s what Clou is all about: As a newcomer to the european market, I’ve made one goal in particular: to break new ground.

But forgive me - I completely forgot to introduce myself. I’m originally from the USA.
In my country I’ve been successful for a few years ­ making everyday work easier for hairdressers, barbers, cosmeticians and stylists. Since the “America first” attitude is completely foreign to me ­ and being in no way responsible for that totally misshapen presidential haircut ­ I’m taking the transatlantic leap.

Compared to my predecessors, the bulky stylist’s cart or the stylist’s tool bag, which is so hard on your clothes, I’ll win you over with my endless accessorizing possibilities.
No, I don’t have a schizophrenic personality, but I am available in three different styles. That way, you can personalize your look. Because I’m available in four sizes, I can be used by the tiny apprentice as well as the big strong boss. My high-quality material will make sure you have a dependable partner. Just have a look at my product details and you’ll get a more detailed idea of what I can do.

I’m looking forward to getting comfortable on your forearm.

Your Wristband