Hello, I've heard a lot of the wristband and seen photos. I am completely new to hearing something about you. I would like to ask you a few questions.

Who are you and where do you come from?
Hello, I call that wristband. I come as my inventor, from the USA. Due to her years of experience as a hairdresser, she knows what really matters in practice. It has set itself the goal of making work as easy and convenient as possible. In many endless days and nights of planning and organizing, her little helper was born. Meanwhile, I decorate the arm of dozens of stylists throughout America. But that is not enough for me, I want to conquer the arms of the world and thus make even more people easier.

What is the difference between a bag and you?
Quite simply, you carry me by your arm. This means never again holes in your favorite pants, the work equipment sitting there, where are equally tangible, not throwing other things, if you work with full of creativity and verve at his work.

Where is the difference between your designs?
We only differ from externals. Our functions are largely identical. The Cluff is the narrowest among us, who wants to show more, opts for Original or Grommet.

How do I determine my size?
For this you take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your arm about 1 cm above your wrist bone. If you do not have a measuring tape on hand, you can print out a tape measure or use the templates on the website under Information.

How do I put you on?
You lay me out wide, then you recognize me a narrow and a long side. The narrow side must point towards the hand. In this direction you put me on your arm and closes the Velcro. But not too tight! Then you push me back and forth, so I'm comfortable with you. Then it can start with the assembly.

Will my scissors fall out of you?
My designer has repeatedly made small optimizations in recent years to ensure a perfect fit. In addition, strong sewn-in magnets secure the hold of your precious pair of scissors. As long as you push your scissors in, I will hold your scissors firmly and securely.

In the photos I see that you can hold even more than just scissors, what else can you do for me?
I hold a lot of what the stylist's heart desires. Most of the time I keep combs, clips, clips, razors and more besides the scissors. I also like to hold brushes and tweezers in combination with the make-up tablet. For your big hair dryer I have to admit, my strength is simply not enough.

In how far do you facilitate my daily work?
I hold your tool. So it is always at hand when you need it.

What other benefits do you bring?
I am an eye-catcher. Even customers often ask what you wear horny on the arm and are immediately enthusiastic after a short explanation. I am already a sexy wristband 😉

How do I cleanse you?
Thats is quite easy. The best thing you do is take non-bleaching disinfectant wipes and wipe me off with them.

You mentioned stylists and the make-up tablet. Can you take a closer look and report on the benefits?
Yes gladly. I also support you in styling your customers. The make-up tablet is held like scissors too, by magnets. It has small bowls worn on the make-up or colors á la da Vinci can be mixed. For this brush, make-up pencils and tweezers can be attached to me.

How can I ask you more questions?
You can use the contact form in the shop, send me an e-mail (office@wristband-arts.de). Or write me on Facebook, even there, I can quickly answer you.